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Monday, July 25, 2011

Alberta Arts Days framework: September 30-October 2

September 29, Thursday: PIDA Printing (Print Information in Daily Activities)

September 30, Friday: Schools (MK)

October 1: One Book One City launch: City Hall (PM)

October 2: Art registration and celebration - Sunday @ the library (Wetaskiwin Culture and Allied Arts??)

and a Poetry, Photographs and Painting Show (details to follow) – Live demonstrations, Walk and Talk tour

Library CALLS: Creative Arts. Literature. Language. Lifelong Learning

Poetry Garden and learn a new language

Claudia added a third activity, named POETRY GARDEN which consists in creating podcasts with poetry for children in English, French and Romanian.

Team Leader: Claudia from Romania
Claudia Popescu is a librarian interested in social and political communication, negotiation, public speaking, NLP, training, and gaming in library. Since 2005, Head of LifeLong Learning Department, which includes Community Information Center and Branch for children and youth. Running educational activities, is the president of ANBPR Brasov branch, and get involved in projects that have received funding from IREX Contest Community Participation: EDUCERO, DELTA CARPATHIANS, DIGIFOLIO, SUMMERTIMES KINDERGARTEN.

Canadian author readings via Skype: Laurel Snyder

Laurel will be doing a bunch of free author skypes, as a sort of "book tour" for her new novel, Bigger than a Bread Box. Ideally these would be 5th-7th grade classes. Half hour visits, with a short reading and author talk, and a chance for the kids to ask anything they wanted. Generally, she follows up with kids, after, via email... assuming it's approved by the parents/teacher. She arranges her schedule, for the most part, around class schedules.

Team leader: Laurel Snyder Skype name:

October 10-20: UNESCO’s exhibition, ‘Freedom of Expression in Broad Strokes’ @ the library

The Canadian Commission for UNESCO and the Canadian Committee for World Press Freedom have organized an annual international competition for editorial cartoonists to promote freedom of expression and freedom of the press. The exhibit presents the best editorial cartoons received since the beginning of the competition. Over 700 cartoons are received each year, and the winners are honored in Ottawa on World Press Freedom Day, May 3.

Partners: Lucas Warren, Communications Manager, City of Wetaskiwin, Canadian Commission for UNESCO

Art Across the Border more details to follow with Cadillac Library in Michigan

Details to follow

Wetaskiwin Heritage Museum: Art Study Group, Human Library 3 sessions Sept, Oct, Nov, Host a Activity on Oct 1 or during Alberta Arts Days, Live demonstration by an artist, Maybe Moctails Mixer