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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Glitter Glue tattoos and melted wax art

Of course you can post my information...
Hi Manisha,
it was great to chat with you yesterday and I love my lip chap! It gives me an idea for my own business promotions...
I have sent you my glitter tattoo price list and my encaustic price list is what I am charging in my own home doing classes...
For 3 hours with no wax kit of their own is $45
If they have their own kit, it's $20
If they want a kit with the class, it's $100 (a kit usually is $70)
I am happy to not charge for demonstrating on Oct 3 as I still will be promoting my classes so no worries there for you!
If your wondering what a "kit" is, that is where you get your iron, a set of waxes, paper, how to booklet and a scriber (scraps wax).
Check out both my links at the bottom for a better idea of what I do!
Chat with you soon!
Check out my Glitter tattoos and book yourself a party!
See what you can do with melted wax!


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